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name Mo Snow has spent 25 years in cosmeceutical Research & Development starting up his job as a formulating chemist the following he became immersed in the spot of skin treatment technology. * A continuing focus on cosmetic chemistry and product formulation led to R&D positions at Avon, Giorgio Beverly Hills, Liz Claiborne, Perry Ellis and Oscar de la Renta. * Snow assumed R&D management positions at Eastman Kodak's shopper items division as a Research & Advancement Director directing clinical study. * He was the Normal Manager of the North American Business Unit for Dragoco a leading cosmeceutical components manufacturer. * Mo holds 16 patents in cosmetic and pharmaceutical know-how and has printed articles in phytoceutical journals. * Mot speaks throughout the world on anti-getting older cosmeceutical approaches to skin. * Mo Launched Skinprint in 2002 to provide a new and unique directly ahead skin care approach for customers around the world.curanail review


31st May 2011
Fungal Nail Infection Fungal infection of nails is usual. The infection causes thickened and unpleasant nails which will at times become uncomfortable. Medication frequently is effective to clear the infection, however, you will want to take treatment for... Read >